Augmented Reality

UTOPIA is working to develop collaborations that bring together state-of-the-art technology, masterful storytelling, vivid imagery and strategic product monetization.

Steve Shope, UTOPIA President & CEO, was actually designing "augmented reality" projects as early as 1999. Using a technology that dates back to 1862 known as Pepper's Ghost, Steve would create "ghost tours" in cities during the Halloween season. The ghosts would appear in real world settings such as inside businesses and local landmarks. The illusion was so convincing that it often left spectators guessing as to how it was performed.




UTOPIA has been moving key performance indicators for tourism industries ranging from Main Street programs to international destinations, in the U.S. and abroad, since 1995. Our areas of particular interest include historical sites, events and eco-tourism.

Our comprehensive portfolio of business development includes entrepreneur coaching, cottage industry incubation in banana republics, small business growth strategies and corporate restructuring initiatives with Fortune 500 Companies.

UTOPIA President and CEO, Steve Shope, is quick to remind all of us that, "any effort to create, change or improve something requires building community with  stakeholders." In all we do, we are in the business of community-building.





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